​Almquist Lumber may be the only lumber yard that has a dedicated arts and craft gallery right in our store. We display and sell locally made furniture and woodcrafts, as well as other types of fine art. We are proud to support many local non-profits, and always welcome our customers' canines into our dog-friendly establishment. 

Our current display features original monotypes by Patricia Anne Sennott.

Patricia Sennott studied at the University of Kentucky and in Denmark before graduating from Humboldt State University. After years of painting on silk and then working in transparent watercolor, she studied printmaking at Bennington College in Vermont and under Master Printer Fred Schwab at The Ink People in California. Sennott now uses oil-based inks and French rag paper to create monotypes of native birds and flowers in the wild and in her Blue Lake garden.

"Observing a bird, whether hiking in the mountains or in the intimacy of my garden can feel like a miracle! They symbolize transcendence and great mystery for me."

Pictured are some examples of the works on display.


Come on in and see the rest of her colorful work.


We were happy to help our woodworking customers Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor start their chocolate factory here at Almquist Lumber. The smell of chocolate blending with our usual wood aromas was quite pleasant. Dick Taylor Chocolate's operation quickly spread into various corners of the lumber yard, and finally had to move on to their own space in Eureka.


We also have a winery in the back of the yard, sharing space with our milling department. Another customer, building contractor Kevin Patskowsky, is now making his Heart's Leap Wine on site. Kevin has taken over the Dick Taylor Chocolate space for wine tasting. The tasting room is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. So come on in and try some of the fine wine he produces here.