Almquist Lumber may be the only lumber yard that has a dedicated arts and craft gallery right in our store. We display and sell locally made furniture and woodcrafts, as well as other types of fine art. We are proud to support many local non-profits, and always welcome our customers' canines into our dog-friendly establishment.


From the Latin verb interserere meaning 'to insert', modern intarsia is the art of creating pictures by assembling many pieces of wood. Unlike marquetry, which uses thin veneers, intarsia uses thicker wood chosen for its color and grain patterns to give the picture depth and texture. No stains, paints or dyes are used. Each piece of wood is individually cut, shaped, sanded and finished before gluing them to the backer board as a complete picture.

Sandy Dardenelle has been creating intarsia pictures as a hobby since 2003 and shares her Fieldbrook wood shop with her husband John.

Shown below are a few examples of Sandy's beautiful work. Please come in and view her entire display. There are some great Christmas ideas for family and friends.